ORDER NOTES: Our vinyl wrap comes in 1 yard sheets (3 ft x 4 ft 3 in) - for orders involving more than one sheet the pattern is printed on a continuous roll without being cut into individual sheets. When purchasing please select how many 1 yard sheets you will need.

Available in a multitude of material types and intended for a broad range of applications, DSRPT Camo draws design inspiration from the original Dazzle camouflage of WW1, consisting of intricate geometric shapes in contrasting colors, interrupting and intersecting each other. Unlike other forms of camouflage, the intent is not to conceal but to confuse. A comparable effect to that created by patterns found in nature on the Giraffe, Zebra, and Jaguar. While background color matching works best for single purpose applications, the art of confusion is a more effective strategy when an animal, soldier, or military vehicle may have a variety of backgrounds.


DSRPT Camo Patent US D891,119 S



We recommend that our 400% scale be used for mid-sized items like motorcycles, side-by-sides, ATV's, refrigerators, desks, or anything else that you could think of.



Available in 3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ180mC, DSRPT Camo can now be utilized to wrap a vehicle, boat, aircraft, wall, refrigerator, or just about any other smooth surface. Wrappable clear film with slideability, optimized initial tack, non-visible air release and removability for efficient installation and easier removal. Applied with a matte laminate offering UV protection.



Brand: 3M™

Type: Print Wrap Film IJ180mC

Laminate: DOL 1300Z Series Clear Cast Laminate

Durability: Up to 4 years

Face: 2.0 mil (51 microns) cast film

Adhesive: Comply Adhesive (clear)

Feature: Air egress technology helps eliminate wrinkles and bubble

Liner: Double-sided polyethylene coated paper

Application: Flat, Flat with Rivets, Corrugations, Compound Curves (vehicle wraps), Simple Curves

DSRPT CAMO VINYL WRAP - 400% SCALE (3 ft x 4 ft 3 in Sheet)